this can’t go on

I am going through a challenging time. I don’t know whether the misery i feel is due to my unrealistic expectation but i have been a nervous and depressed wreck of a person. I plan things knowing that there are things i might not be able to control. yet now that that possibility is becoming a reality, i feel let down… by people who are supposed to hold their end of the bargain. i am mad at myself for being pissed at someone else. i want to be this calm, patient and forgiving person but what i am today is turning my life upside down. i am upset 90% of the time and i try so hard not to break in front of people who do not care. i am telling myself to get a grip and i am praying that God clears from my heart some if not all attachment to this world. God, please do not let this world be my primary concern. 


Published by: mizrae

I am not always nice, but I can be. I like reading more than writing, and I wish I write better than I do. I hope that I listen more than I speak because honestly, that's the kind of people I am drawn to.

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