Gone too soon

Yesterday as I was driving and talking to my mother, we got really emotional and I fought hard not to cry. Her voice was breaking and I had to swallow some tears before I could say anything. We were discussing something about my grandmother and it brought memories of my aunt and one of my cousins who passed away in an accident. I think it was the unpreparedness of losing them. Although we did not question why’s and what if’s when they left us so suddenly, being humans I think deep down, sometimes we crave their presence in our present lives. As if thinking oh if she is here she would so love this moment. Usually when we have this kind of conversations, we would talk about funny things that happened…so imagine laughing and crying at the same time..followed by a moment of silence, which would break the moment we gather enough composure to talk about something insignificant.


Published by: mizrae

I am not always nice, but I can be. I like reading more than writing, and I wish I write better than I do. I hope that I listen more than I speak because honestly, that's the kind of people I am drawn to.

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