State we are in

Yesterday was interesting to say the least.

1. The cabinet reshuffle. I think maybe we should encourage our children and future grandchildren to study political science, world politics, economy, government or whatever BA that can enable their generation to deal with the BS in politics with intelligence and elegance. Perhaps there are enough BEng MEng CEng PEng Ir Md in this country. We need people with conscience and integrity, so maybe all schoolkids need to attend pendidikan moral from tahun 1 up to form 5. Let’s see what new schemes the new ministers come up lah. I am sure they will think of something ingenious to make their mark.

2. I encountered one strangely incompetent bank staff manning a receptionist/help desk. I just got my new card, so like any normal human being I went to the atm to change my pin. The machine instantly cancelled my transaction without any explanation or error msg.

Hi. Saya baru dpt debit card ni dan saya nak tukar the pin at that atm but bla.bla.bla

Pin 123456 tu? boleh guna?

Boleh masuk menu sampai change pin tapi my attempt to change pin was cancelled. Kenapa ya?

Kenapa.nak tukar? *grin*

Errr becos it is unsafe. Becos it is 123456!!!!

Oh mmg pin 123456 tu tak boleh any transaction. Kena tukar pin dulu. *wrong lightbulb turned on*

Sebab tu i nak tukar pin no! *exasperated*

Oh. Nah ambik nombor pegi tanya kaunter !

I took the number but went straight to the counter from which i got the card only minutes ago. Got a possible answer (system maybe slow puan. Puan tunggu 2 minit) and sat while i recover from the earlier conversation. In the end i did change my pin. It is no longer 123456, y’all !

3. Our IT guy at work had another melt down in the office. So i had to work through his whining, screaming and crying. I wanted to say something to him but i had a feeling it would not have been useful, unless I could ask him to go home. I have no authority to do so, obviously so like everyone else, i kept my mouth shut. I was glad that an hour later when i left work he seemed to have it together again. If he reports to me I would probably have said something because he was obviously disrupting the entire office. Sigh. Kesian pun ada. Nak marah mmg la. But when such things happen I think if we yell at him then kita sama aje macam dia.

Well the day wrapped up with normal stuff.


Published by: mizrae

I am not always nice, but I can be. I like reading more than writing, and I wish I write better than I do. I hope that I listen more than I speak because honestly, that's the kind of people I am drawn to.

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