What’s love got to do with it?

you are never too old to be trying to please your parents kan? and never too old to be careless with your words and action as well actually. sometimes my mother speaks to me like I am 12 (my complaint) to which I respond like I am 10 (her probable complaint) lol

more than a decade ago, I left my first job for love. a career -type of job, not a job-job. there is a difference and Chris Rock pointed it out quite clearly in one of his shows. being a parent now and seeing things now from where I am I now realize just how low my parents must have felt. I had always been an overachiever but love does that to you. love makes you devalue what you hold dear and blur your vision. love blinds you from seeing beneath false smiles and obligatory nods. so I walked away from something I worked hard for. and I did it so flippantly it makes me cringe (now).

well when my folks found out that I got the opportunity to rejoin the company they were understandably excited. and as much as I was hesitant to accept the offer, I did. I did so knowing that it may not be good for me. this is the part where I think I did stuff to please them. so you see, you are never too old to be a sucker for emotional burden and people pleasing stuff. but fortunately, unexpected things happen and now I got to do what i wanted (which is to stay) and my folks are fully supportive of my decision. so it’s a win-win finally!


Published by: mizrae

I am not always nice, but I can be. I like reading more than writing, and I wish I write better than I do. I hope that I listen more than I speak because honestly, that's the kind of people I am drawn to.

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