this week went by so fast.  what with kids going back to school  and my work load. it has been good crazy though because in the end it tell you yes you are exhausted and you look like a zombie by 9pm but everyone is ok so far. no one has gone to bed hungry ( as far as I know) , gone to school in dirty undies (not that I know) and no pots or pans have grown any sprout in the kitchen sink. the only bad news so far is that our cat hasn’t shown up in weeks. at first I suspected that it was away looking for a mate (I understand how u feel kitty) but now I just suspect the worst. it is sad really becos it is (was?) a good cat. all it wanted was food and occasional tummy rub or pats on its head. it didn’t make any mess in our porch and it didn’t even come inside except for once it found its way upstairs and hid under a cupboard before I showed him the way out (with a broom but no force was needed really the poor cat was so scared). we kinda adopted this cat after it came to our front door last year and stayed. we moved house shortly after that and came back just to take him with us. and now he left without saying goodbye!


Published by: mizrae

I am not always nice, but I can be. I like reading more than writing, and I wish I write better than I do. I hope that I listen more than I speak because honestly, that's the kind of people I am drawn to.

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